Holding on

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Oct 212016
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I needed a couple of images to take to our groupie meeting last night and I hadn’t made any for a while so I looked for a couple of images That I could to something with quickly. The other day I was reminded of some work I had done with images of sculpture from Florence “Rape of the Sabine women”.

In this I have wanted to emphasize the arms that make a heart shape. Which is of course love. But there is potentially a darker side if that grip is to tight though, for both.

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  3 Responses to “Holding on”

  1. Wow Tim – you’re back. What a powerful resonating image this is. I’ll be revisiting this over the next few days. Congratulations.

  2. As you know Tim I think this is great. Stunning colour and another dimention to the original.

  3. Great image Tim. Im getting a bit sick of missing Groupie!!!

    I also like the concept of revisiting images made some time ago.

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