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Oct 182016
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Another from our sunny day at Brighton Beach.

But this is more what it felt like. Unlike New Zealand beaches, where you go to be in a natural environment and, for the most part anyway, away from lots of people, in Brighton you go for the attractions and for the crowds.

So perhaps I had expected this place to be an English version of and NZ beach but instead found something completely different. Different but magical in its own way.

That said, I like our beaches

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  2 Responses to “Carousel”

  1. Ian, I had the same reaction when visiting English” beaches”. So different to NZ beaches and yet so interesting in their own way.
    Love how you have contrasted the sharp(people) with the blurred (merry go round).

  2. I like what you have chosen to make sharp and not. Watching the world spin around and the pointing into the distance, future. The empty deck chairs too. A potential place to relax or dream? The artificial colour takes it away from a natural environment. To me it speaks of the options and altitude. You can look at the world spinning in front of you and it’s a crazy, but exciting blur. From the outside, a place of stillness, you can look past that to a potential place to relax, even a far off one. or the is always something else interesting in the corner of frame. Doing so as a family makes it feel safer. If your were on the carousel the view would be different. You would only focus on that that is moving with you but you would see that clearer. the outside would be a blur and the places to relax flitting past. There is so much more. standing on the edge, the dog, and interestingly a mirror that is quite sharp.

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