Oct 172016
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It is a privilege for me to take part in this gathering of creatives.”Glittering on Rustic Objects”

From Quotes of Charles Dickens’s “Great Expectations” The theme of abandonment was first and foremost while shooting in the “abandoned” Antonio Hall. I try to use symbols around my setups to speak of other things to people. I am creating the images as I love to create a story, but each story should evoke a different feeling for the viewer. My fascination is not just with the set up but the emotion of the scene. It is all make believe or is it?.

I was pretty late to photography. I have painted, printed, carved, crafted and created from a variety of mediums yet was never a master of any. I needed to change that and fell into photography because I couldn’t find the images I was viewing in my head for the mixed medias I wanted to create. So I took courses over the last four years to improve my skill. I haven’t got there yet and still haven’t captured that elusive image that keeps dancing on the edge of dreams.

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  3 Responses to “Glittering on Rustic Objects – Cheryl Muirson”

  1. Thanks for joining us Cheryl! And I’m envious of your shooting in Antonio Hall. I was only in Christchurch temporarily and passed it one day by accident, then had to discover what it was all about. Would have loved to get in there! What a wonderful place to indulge your fantasies, and I love the phrase “dancing on the edge of dreams”.

  2. I like that you are creating a story with carefully chosen objects. Knowing that makes it intriguing to work out what it is about.

  3. thank you Jenny and Tim. telling stories with my images allows me to be quiet and reflective.

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