Oct 152016
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Windows 1, Mac 0.
A stat I’m loathe to share; being a recent convert to the light side; but while my Mac was sitting going “Oh my Dog, something’s wrong, something’s wrong… I don’t know what to DOOOOOO!!”, my laptop, after taking half the night to boot up, went “Hmmmm, something’s wrong here – would you like me to fix it?”. Didn’t take much for me to push the YES.F.PLEASE button. Some interminable time later *ping!* (fairy godmother waves wand), it was all magically fixed. At that point it struck me that Windows fixing something a Mac had been talking to might not go all that well when I plugged back in. However, all is sweet. We are now back on track. Files in their right places, Lightroom happy. Me happy.

Back to the forest.
I am on a search to learn how much we can survive without supermarkets, processed and packaged food, and the trappings of a consumerist world. So anytime someone mentions that wild plants can be eaten, I prick up my ears. Amongst many other natives, the starchy roots of these ferns can be munched when food is short in your backpack. Always check though people!

On our recent workshop in Hokianga, we had the wonderful company and guidance of a kaumatua from Rawene, who added immensely to our understanding of the history, culture and landscape, and ultimately our picture making.

I’m not one for “popped colour” but in this instance I was entranced by the fractal forms created by the emerging shoots on the ferns, but despite standing there (hmm, sans tripod), trying to get focus with the slimmest depth of field, I couldn’t adequately get the sense of what my eye was seeing any other way. Tangle ferns. Extremely apt name.

We had a discussion about what became increasingly obvious from the pictures we showed in introduction, and those that emerged during the week. Are you a tree person or are you a water person? I don’t think there’s much doubt in my case.

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  7 Responses to “Tangle Fern (Gleichenia dicarpa) – Waewaekaka, Waipoua Forest, September 2016”

  1. The most clever post ever……..I love it.

    • Haha – you mean clever as in “the dog ate my homework”?, or clever in “oh dear, I don’t seem to have got my backup system sorted in our new mobile living arrangement”? or clever as in “oops – looks like all my photos for the past few weeks have been mistakenly loaded onto my edits drive which holds everything else of importance too”? or clever as in “oops… wonder where that drive went” as I swooshed it off the screen? or clever as in ignoring the little notice that told me that I hadn’t ejected my drive properly when I pulled the plug after it disappeared from my file view? I’m kinda not seeing any of those as being clever at this point. Just hoping that I can retrieve the data after I go and buy myself a new drive tomorrow 😉

  2. Buggier

  3. Oh Dear 🙁

  4. Beautiful! Hope you find your disc soon.

  5. The irony that the thing (computer) that does so much for us is also the one that can give us a gut wrenching experience. Good luck sorting it.
    Love the pattern of the fern. You seem to be in an interesting space re you photography.

  6. Apt image.When you look at the tangle of the tangle fern closely it is in fact a very geometric hexagonal pattern. If your computer can’t see the drives inherent pattern then it’s just a tangle. Well seen.

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