Using the cycle lane

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  4 Responses to “Using the cycle lane”

  1. Wow! Love the energy in this. Very cool street pic.

  2. Ferg, this reminded me of that old saying about life being a bit like a bicycle – if you don’t keep moving forward you fall over.
    Thinking about life and the fact that we have met up only once or twice since you left Christchurch, I decided to go to your gallery on aGathering and look through all of your images. Loved the look into Ferg’s world. It took me back to when we met more often and when we did the MBI (make better images) workshop.
    Miss those times.
    Will have to get to Dunedin sometime!
    Was also a reminder to do the same with others.

  3. my first thought was “yeah right” !!! Well caught Ferg. I think you capture great imgae when you do your street photography 🙂

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