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We’re back in Italy, staying with our twice-previous Helpx host and now friend, Pauline, at her beautiful home in San Giorgio, a tiny village about an hour north of Rome. One of the trips we’ve done with Pauline was to Monte Soratte where there are huge tunnels/bunkers built into the mountain. In five years a team of volunteers have restored the bunkers to a state where they can now run tours. Unfortunately we turned up without booking ahead and they did not have a English-speaking guide. Luckily, Zeno – visiting the bunkers for the first time – stepped up and translated much for us. He’d absorb several minutes of the guide’s talk and as we all wandered off to the next point of interest he’d linger behind to impart as much as he could before the next talk started. It was a shame we couldn’t understand the young woman who was the guide – she must have taken the tour so many times yet she remained incredibly enthusiastic in her subject, however, the benefit was that we got to meet Zeno.
We were not allowed to take photos inside but if you’re particularly interested there is an ok video on youtube here  and a website for the bunkers here.
At the end of the tour we invited Zeno to join us for coffee as a small thank you for his help. He is Italian but has travelled widely. He is currently working in Rome and a colleague had recommended a visit to the bunkers. We’re so glad he acted on the recommendation.

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  1. Great story, and this picture of Zeno will be a way better reminder for you of the day than any you might have taken inside the tunnels had you been allowed

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