Oct 042016
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As we came over the brow of the hill, and down into the harbour, the first thought that crossed my mind as I regarded the mangroves was “protectors”.

I guess, coming from a lakes background, I have never really considered the part that the mangroves play in the harbour ecosystem, apart from knowing they were integral, but suddenly it was a lot more obvious. And, being so glad to see the wetlands in the freshwater system being accorded the value they really hold, I was glad to see how they were so prolific here in the harbour.

In the time we’ve spent here over the week, at the inaugural “Innerlight Hokianga” workshop with Tony, I’ve spent a lot of my time exploring the space of the mangroves, and it’s begun a love affair.

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  3 Responses to “Mangroves, Hokianga Harbour, Northland – September 2016”

  1. This is a good place to start – small, simple and beautiful

  2. Plenty of negative space – less is more. Nice soft background.

  3. Lately your images about trees has sent me a vision of Jenny wandering between great sentinels, teachers of lore, a support network that is your guard of honour as you pass through your life’s walk. It is a profound and beautiful image of you that I carry. I love the respect and gratitude that your images seem to encompass whenever you photograph the trees.

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