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Oct 032016
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Last post I talked about giving in-camera multiple exposure a try but I forgot to acknowledge Tim’s work using ICME. So here is another of my multiple exposures. It is another way for me to go ‘abstract’.
I also admire ICME work by Valda Bailey, from the UK.

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  3 Responses to “Apology”

  1. John, I think this still has your minimalism style. Valda Bailey’s images are also minimalist I thought. Moving the camera and also doing multiples might gie some intriguing results!

  2. I love it. For me it is mainly about the colour interplay between the red and blue but the overlay of the tree gives it structure beyond the abstract.

    I also like the leaf which grabs my eye and the shadow at the bottom, which may not be, but suggests to me that it is your shadow as the image was made.

  3. John, no apology necessary. I did think “that’s a bit odd”, but it has happened a number of times and I’m over that, something to do with a life lesson for me. And it’s a traditional technique anyway. What I am stoked about is that you have found inspiration. What I love about this technique is that it opens the door to infinite possibility, allowing two or more random ( yeah right!) exposures to interact. It’s a great way of getting out of the linear conscious way thinking into a more multi dimensional space that our true self resides in. The proof of that is here on this post. You have again come up with a another very “john sucking ” image. One that is bold , clean and exquisitely executed. Where as mine tend to be celebrating the subtle complexities of existence. Interesting that the more we let go to using looser techniques like this the closer we come to our own refined view. That is what I love about photography. I can create in other ways but this sort of technique reaches a different level. As for the image: very strong. lots of interesting graphic stuff going on.

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