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Oct 022016
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Left the keys at home. The old truck is not going anywhere, however I am. Health has let me down over the last few years, yet my business is getting busier. So I need to rein a few things in so this will be my last post in aGathering. Thank you one and all for your comments on my images. If you want to continue to follow my work check out this link –

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  1. Scott, I am very sorry you are leaving us. I have always enjoyed your unique view of the world as seen through your camera and then your post processing skills.
    Stay busy but take care of your health.
    Hope to see you round every now and then.
    Best wishes,

  2. All the best to you Scott. You put a lot into your photography, so good on you. I hope all comes right with your health. Xx

  3. You will be missed Scott. I hope all goes well for you.

  4. Ive bookmarked your hotshoe page so I can still get a regular dose of that Scott style.

    Thankyou for the effort you have given to aGathering and good luck with all your endeavours

  5. Thank you all that have commented, I will miss aGathering however I will check in everyday to see what is posted.

  6. I have also bookmarked your hotshoe site. I wish you well in all your future endeavours. I am sure we will see more of you on the “air waves”. Stay well and in tune with your inner self

  7. Thank you Scott for being the inspiration for my black and white work, and for all the suggestions of material to follow up. I will be bookmarking your hotshoe site as well so I can check in and see progress. I know how challenging it is to keep all the threads together, but when it combines with balancing health too, I understand that there has to be a bit of rationalisation. We will miss you and your work; the one special thing for aGathering for me has been how individual everyone’s work has been, and has continued to be, regardless of the temptation to slip into a homogenous style. Thank you for the strength of your personal style. Wishing you much success with what you do next.

  8. Fabulous image to finish with, Scott. Take care and continue having fun.

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