A Triangle All To Yourself

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Sep 282016
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Continuing the series from the book “Mister God This Is Anna”
Everybody has a triangle all to themselves. It’s for them when they die and Mister God asks them all the questions. You have to answer them all by yourself. Nobody can do it for you. The triangle means you have to be responsible. Responsible for the things you’ve done and thought.

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  9 Responses to “A Triangle All To Yourself”

  1. I am curious why a triangle and not a circle or perhaps a square. I once listened to a podcast from a photographer I admire and he commented about having straight circles, I like the idea of trying to do straight circles, seems harder to do than a triangle, which already has straight sides. Life is not easy, well for some of us it is not, others well they cruise through life with not a care in the world, how boring. Nice post Pauline.

  2. Pauline, to me that man is weighed down by the triangle.

  3. Like John says, it does feel like the triangle is a weight above his head. I do love Scotts idea of straight circles though.

    My question is though… Are we really responsible for our thoughts?? For me its the action that count as thoughts are something that we really don’t have any control over……

    • I think you are wrong, Ian. I’m going to share this with you: What you think – you create, What you create – you express, what you express – you experience, what you experience – you become, what you become – you are, what you are – you think. The circle is complete. ( Neale Donald Walsh – Conversations with God)

      • Thankyou for that Pauline ….and I get where you are coming from. To paraphrase my take of it… “we nurture good thoughts”.

        I agree, but there are many other external influences and I dont believe that we can be responsible for our internal reaction to the world as a whole.

        There are times that we might feel threatened by the unfamiliar. Its how we react to the feeling that is significant, not that we feel it.

        An interesting thing to think about……..

  4. I think the triangle is good in that it starts from you and radiates out or vice versa. There is a pointy end and you are at it. That is both a weight and a expanding opportunity at the same time or depending how you look at it.

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