The Brown Bowler

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Sep 272016
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Brown Bowler hats were popular at the Standford Dingley horse and carriage event. This gentleman wore a typical outfit. Like all, he was very happy to stand for a photographer, but like all the others the reason he was standing within reach of my lens was that he was holding a glass in one hand and a horse in the other – a challenging time, but one most of them were happy to tackle with a smile, and a kind or stern word to their charges. One groom explained that the horses were impatient to get back underway, so some were a bit difficult.

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  3 Responses to “The Brown Bowler”

  1. Vicki, as I looked at this and thought about the circumstances leading to you capturing images of so many people while you have been overseas, in the future you will be able to relive those times by flicking through all those photos. Priceless!
    And from what you shared recently in a post, you have changed.

  2. Looks like a quintessential Englishman…..

  3. Your eye contact with this man certainly shows in this image. I love the tilt and the tones

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