Island Dreams

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Sep 262016
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I spotted this in the window of a weather-beaten house in an old part of Helsinki.

It seemed that this place has stood up to quite a number of harsh Finnish winters. The day we were there was a great summer day but the little dancer seemed to yearn for a tropical island. Even more so, I imagine, in the middle of winter.

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  2 Responses to “Island Dreams”

  1. When I or st saw your photo, I thought/assumed Hawaii since I think you’ve recently been there? Then when read Helsinki, surprising what a different story just because of location. The doll is a symbol of a way of life in one location, and a symbol of a memory or a different way of life in the other location.

  2. Knowing the location does add to the story. I like the dream idea and that it is inside as dreams are inside us. Also that the lines or bars that contain it are bent by the dream.

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