ICME ..for Pauline

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Sep 222016
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Pauline, I have finally done it – an in-camera multiple exposure. Have not got round to shaking the camera about though.
Funny how it came out abstract and still ‘less is more’.

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  8 Responses to “ICME ..for Pauline”

  1. Interesting John, the mind sees much in this image. Very cool.

  2. It may be an in camera multiple, John, but I can still perceive your minimalistic style. 😀. ICM will come I am sure

  3. It’s not funny how it came out abstract . That’s just further proof of what you think about is what you get. Love it. Look forward to seeing it printed on a nice paper.

  4. Ha ha – it took me quite some time to figure out what ICME meant. I had no idea that was what you thought I do.
    And I agree with Tim, this would look nice printed on a lovely art paper. It is still an essential Suckling image regardles of whatever lettering you assign to it. Fancy having an image made specifically for oneself – I’m honoured.

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