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Life for me at the moment is just like this, busy. As I said in the last post, which way to go, straight ahead, turn round and head in the opposite direction, or follow the kinky rails. I had an occasion recently where myself, my photography and some of my ideas were verbally assaulted. I do not mind if someone does not like my style of photography or teaching that is their choice. It has made me seriously consider my journey from here. I now understand why people often never share their work or thoughts. Perhaps it is time to reconsider some options.

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  1. Scott it never hurts to consider options. But weigh up those comments that hurt on this one occasion with all other comments, particularly comments from people you trust and respect.
    I hope you keep doing what YOU enjoy.

  2. Scott we heard a good quote the other day “don’t give the most power to the people you value the least” . Unfortunately it is human nature to focus on a negative comments about ourselves so that not always easy. In your case you do very bold work so some people will react against it. That is a good thing, but it’s their problem. Ann and I call a certain style of work the “Scott Fowler” and your influence in other peoples photography is clear to see from the outside. How many people can say that? I have been slack in commenting here but for much of your work they stand on there own so well they don’t need comment. Your story telling portraits and composites are especially powerful and are among the best on this site. In reference to your last post ” Which Direction” I say follow your instinct. Few people are prepared to put there inner emotions up for view. Those who are brave enough to do it and do it with skill achieve greatness. You have shown that you can do that so keep at it.

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