Whatever Angle You Take

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Sep 172016
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This image was born from a conversation and an “aha” moment I had this morning when we were trying to move some cattle and rams into another paddock. It should have been a very straight forward job. Everything was going in all directions, rams, cattle, dogs and people. Conversations became louder, urgent and frustrated. My husband and I had different approaches to achieving the same end – just get them through the gate.
And as you do, there came a moment of understanding. The world is going to exist in its physical form regardless of how you think it should be and what you want it to do. You’re allowed to interact with it, in fact it’s imperative that you do, but it’s your ability to see the angle you’re taking towards your life that determines if you’re enjoying the moment and helping serve a purpose for others.
Not a bad bit of work for me this morning, I thought, as my dog grabbed the tail of the last cow to go through the gate.

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  2 Responses to “Whatever Angle You Take”

  1. Observing oneself in the moment is an incredible feeling. Glad you were happy with the angle you were taking.

  2. You have inspire me Pauline. This self observation and subsequent choice making and then reflection through a photography is what I aspire to

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