Sep 142016
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  5 Responses to “Yin Yang Bride and Groom – Katherine Williams”

  1. For those who might not know, Katherine was just named NZIPP Photographer of the Year, as well as Photographer of Year for both categories Wedding Classic and Wedding Creative!
    This is just one of the ones. I love the symbolism of this, as well as the creativity. Also, knowing how crazy it can be on a wedding day, just being able to organize such a photo! 🙂

  2. Katherine, thank you so much for sharing your incredible work with us. I love this. Beautiful and very clever. Congratulations on your award too.

  3. Katherine, congratulations on your awards.
    This is a stunning image. I love the concept and such artistic execution. You are inspiring me to do more “unsharp” images.

  4. What a great creative idea, I am sure they would have loved this image, full of intrigue and the unknowing of beginning married life. Thank you for sharing.

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