Ophir, August 2016

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Sep 132016
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I enjoy making these composites as they have the ability to merge ideas/feelings into something a little more complex than my more usual style that can produce a “singularities” – a single idea presented very simply.

A few weeks ago I was in Ophir, Central Otago. We stopped to look at some old buildings and I found this one – “The Old Drapery”. It gave me the opportunity to look into the past and just dream a little. I enjoyed the escapism and hope it relays a little of the enjoyment I felt at the time.

My last post is also a composite and was made in Bilbao, Spain, and this one on Bilbao’s antipodes. So different.

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  4 Responses to “Ophir, August 2016”

  1. Well done Bruc

  2. When I have been to Ophir it felt to me like wandering around in a time warp – not quite like it would have been years ago but at the same time not at all like today.

    I get the same feeling looking at this image

  3. Well conceived and executed

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