Trying to get away with murder ….

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It was like trying to get away with murder.
I saw this scene when I was walking back from a concert in Venice last year. it was near our hotel so I went back on my own to spend some time there. No tripod and with a new camera I had a brain fade and did not use the low light function (multiple jpg merged in camera). But I took it at ISO 80,000! I know now that I should have spent time trying to find a way of stabilising the camera because I love the scene.
Never the less, I have converted the large raw image to sepia tones to get rid of the colour cast etc and used the masking slider heavily. Despite the blurriness and over the top grain, I like it enough that I have just printed it A2 size and I am framing it to go on the wall. Looks nice from a distance, just don’t go up close because you can see I have murdered it!

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  6 Responses to “Trying to get away with murder ….”

  1. So glad you have done so! Technical isn’t everything, and you have such a strong sense of the aesthetic that it SHOULD win over any issues you may have about the capture and processing. You’ve certainly captured the essence of Venice in a very “untouristy” way. That’s lovely.

  2. I had to smile when I read the bit you wrote about it being a bit blurry – from my normal way of presenting an image this is pin sharp to me. I was wondering if I’d be clever enough to get a shot as clearly expressed as this. It’s all in the relative eye of the beholder.

  3. John, just goes to show that when you believe in something you find a way. I love that you have allowed yourself flexibility to let this image breathe itself to life. Well done, and I find myself captured into this scene.

  4. That is pretty impressive for that ISO. Having confidence and faith in your own work is an important element.

  5. I was lucky enough to see this for real yesterday – that is I saw the a2 print on Johns wall….

    It is even better in that form. Looking at the print you are able to see into the shadows more and the grain gives it an organic feel that is just lovely

    • Will you bring it to the “sets” challenge at CPS at the end of the month, John ? So that more of us can enjoy the subtleties too

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