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Sep 102016
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Which direction should I take, straight ahead, stop at the stop sign or take a turn. Does it really matter! Is it time to stop accepting mediocrity and aim for a virtuoso. I see Chromatic Greyscale photography like Blues in music, storytelling, emotive and challenging. Should one express their feelings so dark or is that a product of their life, how they see their existence?. To produce work in music terms like the great Robert Johnson, B.B King, or the white bluesmen like Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, lets not forget the ladies who inspire me Beth Hart, Nina Simone can one produce work to this level of understanding, does one accept the challenge?

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  1. I was thinking that the tracks look a bit like how thoughts go through my head! all in a muddle 🙂

  2. Scott, I think you should go in the opposite direction – the lines are too kinky going this way. I am trying (unsuccessfully) to think of a blues number about ‘going back’. It might come to me later.

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