Sep 092016
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I had this idea after watching a Brooke Shaden video 3 years ago. I have always thought I was no good at writing stories. She said take these pieces of information and just let yourself think of a story. I did. Tim cooked dinner one night and I wrote a story. I couldn’t believe that, with so little effort…and a bit of letting go…a story came out of me. It seemed a bit crazy..the story…so it sat with me for about a year…then I finally got the courage to make some photos. Then they sat on my computer for close to 2 years. Then this exhibition came up, so it was a reason to make them happen….then they came out of me with surprising verocity.
Some things just take time….

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  6 Responses to “Some things take time… – Ann Worthy Stephenson”

  1. These are beautiful Ann as is the back story. And I thought your exhibition images were a wonderful representation of your photography

  2. This little series of 4 images is my favourite bit of your exhibition. And thats saying something cos all of it is wonderful…..

  3. Great exhibition Ann Must have been a lot of work to get so many images ready for display.
    Like the story here too.

  4. Thanks everyone. I feel quite exhausted! 🙂 partially because of a newborn shoot this morning!
    Ian, these are Tim’s favorite as well 🙂
    I feel quite proud of them 🙂

  5. This group of four is my favourite from your exhibition too, especially the girl at the top of the cliff. Love that you included the birds. Gorgeous work, and wonderful story telling.

  6. Gorgeous visual story. I wish I’d been able to experience these in Kaiapoi!! It sounds like the exhibition opening was a great night. I’m glad everyone was so impressed!

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