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Sep 062016
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The Rio 2016 Olympics are completed, we have witnessed examples of supreme effort in a variety of areas of excellence. Many of us shared viscerally in the displayed need / demand for public performance from the comfort of our seats. Today I walked into my glass house and saw the tools hanging on the walls and snapped this image. Post processing in photoshop filled me with a ridiculously happy feeling of creating something just for myself. I know there is a lot of work immediately ahead of me as I retidy the vege garden but it will grow new seeds, new plants, new vistas of the magic of creation that will envelop me with its wonder and the practical reward of meals to share with those I love. So… for no other reason than the deep pleasure my craft gives me I publically display a performance that fills me entirely and selfishly.

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  4 Responses to “The Tool Shed”

  1. Pauline, I like how you have presented your tools. Not only have you presented them in a very artistic manner but, for me, it shows your feeling towards your tools and craft – rather than just a record shot of tools.

  2. Feels like spring!!! and I love that you did this “just for fun”

  3. Well, I just love the image and what it represents. Thank you!!

  4. Love that this feels so happy and lively. Speaks so much of what you felt.

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