The Biker from Oz

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Sep 052016
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For our last weekend away, before returning home to NZ, we visited Somerset, where Nigel was born. We stayed a night in a lovely old pub, The Green Dragon, in Wellington. We were very lucky – the bar and restaurant had been renovated and had re-opened in April. The rooms had been re-opened a week before our arrival and were perfect!
It was while we were seated for dinner that this young man walked past with his mane of hair and I said to Nigel “I want to photograph him!”. However, it was evening and too dark.
The next morning at breakfast the ‘man with the mane’ was there again, with three friends. They’d stayed the night in the hotel too, but in a different wing. After their breakfast they headed out to the courtyard, where they’d stored their motorbikes for the night, and proceeded to prepare themselves for the remainder of their journey. It was not a speedy process. I had time to finish my ‘continental’ breakfast, then abandoned my companions to their cooked breakfasts, grabbed my camera [doesn’t everyone take their camera to breakfast?] and dashed outside to accost the group of four leather-clad bikers!
I think the first words that came out of my mouth were something along the lines of “Excuse me? I’m here from New Zealand and you’re such handsome young men I was wondering if I could photograph you?” Well, I’m still a bit flabbergasted that I said that, but I trust you’re laughing – they certainly did, followed by yeses all round. We chatted for quite some time then headed out to the street where they’d parked their bikes. I stood in the middle of the street (it was very quiet on a Sunday morning) captured a group shot (several, so that I could ‘swap heads’ if need be, which I did) then moved in ‘for the ‘kill’ – four individual portraits.
I got an email address from one of them and he responded to the images I sent him with “I cannot thank you enough for these pictures they are brilliant and lovely of you to send them over too. Really great to meet you and we secretly loved having our picture taken!”.
In the short term, you probably won’t see the other three gorgeous guys on aGathering because I have other adventures to share with you, but they may turn up in future posts. I’ll leave you with the ‘guy with the mane’, who turned out to be an Ozzie and told me he’d shaved his head when he left home!
This is so much fun!

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  1. I am so happy for you Vicki. Another wonderful portrait that speaks

  2. Looks like flattery will get you everything!!!

    Including a wonderful image

  3. He looks like he was loving it! You’ve developed that space between you and your subjects into a warm and comfortable one. I salute you!

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