The Kings Road

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Sep 042016
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These beech trees were planted in the 17th century as part of a grand entrance to a fancy home.

With the spectacular twisting of tree limbs and an imposing feel as you walk between them, they became known as “the dark hedges” in local parts.

Then came a film crew with the Game of Thrones team and the trees became “The Kings Road”.

Now as well as the interested locals there are busloads of tourists – us as well.

While waiting for the road to clear of people, I spoke with a local photographer who visits each week. He said that he and others are pushing hard to get car access and the tar seal road removed. All the attention is harming the trees and destroying the wonder everyone comes to see. I’m afraid that’s a story that can be heard the world over. I wish him well.

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  6 Responses to “The Kings Road”

  1. This reminds me of Aesop’s fable about killing the goose that laid the golden egg. In our world today tourists come and often ruin the place that has the beauty to entice them. We see it so often in iconic spots these days! The magical peace and quiet disappears. The tourists stop coming and ultimately too much greed results in nothing.

    • For me this is a problem derived more from the “information age” and our modern lifestyle than straight greed. It costs nothing to go there and no-one makes any money out of it. It is just that many more people know about it and set out to go and see for themselves. Just like us.
      So management of such places has to take into account the effects of increased awareness and the ease of acceptability.

  2. The image seems alive to my eye, wonderful depth and dimension.

  3. Great depth Ian. Love the detail.

  4. Fabulous, Ian. So alive.

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