Gorilla girl – Henry Zelas

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“A good result in street photography always involves impeccable timing. Cartier Bresson set the standard so many decades ago. Here is a magic moment when a little girl realises the giant ape is looking directly at her through the glass. Her excitement was joyful and at the same time scared and I wonder what the gorilla is thinking. This picture was snatched from some distance and is technically flawed but for me the emotion trumps everything.”

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  6 Responses to “Gorilla girl – Henry Zelas”

  1. Absolutely! That connection between the two of them is everything. Thank you for sharing this wonderful picture.

  2. What an incredibly special moment! Interaction such as this is so powerful.

  3. Firstly I celebrate the “moment” that photography can capture like no other media – this is a classic example. The initial response is so strongly human in that we “feel” emotion when we see this image. Then of course there are all the layers of response that come up when you get to look through it again and again. I think you have touched on two issues that face us as individuals – how to balance our emotions in the “now” with what makes the “correct” response via rules, social norms and self imposed messages. I think this links to what John was citing as his modus operandi where he likes to balance what he has done with an unpicking on a technical / analytical level in order to engage with his next photographic response. For me, listening to unrestrained laughter between friends / family / people in general is never about hearing the pitch or depth of the sound but the ability for my heart to want to join in the conversation.

  4. Im just waiting for the reaction when he winks at her!!!

  5. Not only impeccable timing, but also being aware of an opportunity. Great work Henry.

  6. Oh my gosh, I am 99% sure that this is my niece! Can I ask where and when this was taken? I will have to let my sister know! What a gorgeous photo!

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