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In my last post I talked about the importance of starting with WHY.
I appreciated the comments from Pauline, Ian and Scott because that pushed me to clarify my thinking.
Starting with why is only important if you want to improve at what you are doing. It means to have a purpose or an intention. The why for everyone comes from the past. It is a process of discovery, not invention. (Simon Sinek). So it is a journey, not a destination.
Applying this to my photography, I do not have very specific goals but have come to realise that I am using photography to explore an interest in form and design. In order to get better at doing that, I need to measure WHAT I have done against WHY. We need a feedback loop. I like Thomas Sterner’s DOC process:
Do > Observe > Correct
It is an iterative process – doing it over and over again. ‘Correct’ may be to keep true to my current ‘why’ or it may encourage me to review my ‘why’. That is the joy (sometimes pain) of being on a journey.
A friend suggested we meet at the Christchurch Art Gallery to photograph some of the architecture. My ‘why’ was to practice being open to any photographic opportunity.
At one point I looked down on this view. Subconsciously my ‘why’ of form and design led me to the hard edge form of the rectangular table and the slight curve of the light coloured top edge of the chairs. The person introduced the soft touch. All this happened almost instantly (habit) as a result of being interested in that sort of scene. I do not mind that it is extreme because it is consistent with my ‘why’.

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  1. It seems to me that you headed out to “gather” whatever opportunity arose but you ended up “hunting” down another image in the style of John Suckling.

    Im interested in hearing if you imagined it in this dark form when you looked down or did that form evolve in post processing?

    • It may be just semantics but I tend to think of ‘grabbing’ an image when I am living in the now and trying to be acutely aware of opportunities. Although making a number of images while in a building is gathering, I say ‘grabbing’ because I usually know how I want it to look when I point the camera. In this case I exposed to get the dark background in camera (very little in post) so the curved chair tops stood out – I play with the exposure compensation dial to get an accurate preview in the EVF of what I am trying to achieve. Of course, many images look worse than I expected and a few look better when reviewed later.

  2. Hi John it’s a moving photograph. The fella could be saying Why? As well! Maybe being so focused on your why created the opportunity of a photograph that say Why.
    Love it!

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