Virgil the Sheriff

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Aug 142016
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Still with Giffords Circus, and the last of our individual entertainers/models.
Virgil was dressed up in a shirt and tie, a black brimmed hat in his hand, a long black coat, and a sheriff’s badge. With a wanted poster behind him and four lights set up in the dark circus tent, he was all set to look mean and cool. I tried to get him to smile, but he wasn’t having any of it. So I got in close and lost all the context, but it is my sort of image, sort-of.

So, now I’ll own up. This was the first of my three Circus portraits. I wanted to do things my way, but couldn’t because it was too dark, and the model didn’t want to reflect my smile.
Tweedy was my second portrait, and I sneaked in quick and got the images I wanted, then stepped away and watched the ‘circus’, feeling sorry for Tweedy, but relieved by his spontaneous laughter. I didn’t get to talk to Tweedy – he wasn’t the talkative type.
Lili was the last of the afternoon. She glowed with all the attention – and we were her third group of 17! To make the most of the opportunity I had to go with the flow – wait my turn, set up the remote for the lights, and go for it. Lili posed as directed, and gave suggestions – she had ropes, whips and guns, in addition to the parasol – she was a dream to photograph. I was particularly lucky in that a male friend of Lili’s, from the circus, popped in to stand next to her just as I was about to start my turn – he happened to be wearing a pink tutu and pink rabbit’s ears and was under a blue brolly. He was only there for a couple of quick shots, then it was back to business with Lily. But Lili caught me afterwards and asked to see the photos with him and I offered to send them to her – they’re both very happy with them! I have several images of Lili that I like a lot, but the one I’ve shared on aGathering is my favourite and will always bring back fond memories of the afternoon – even if the background isn’t blurry and the light isn’t natural. 🙂

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  1. Another great shot Vicki.That must have been a very special day.

    • Thank you, John. Yes – it was a very special day. Technically, it reminded me of the benefits of artificial light. Emotionally, by the time I got to Lili it was fun. And, I think, it reminded me of the camaraderie of a photographic club day out – something I miss.

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