Cherry Blossom Tree – Jenny Reeve

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Aug 122016
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Outside our living room window is a cherry blossom tree. The seasonal changes make the tree interesting throughout the year. I love this tree for that. This image was made a couple of years ago, when I was playing around with film. Sometimes a seeming disaster can turn out to be a bit of a happy accident. I was walking down the back steps to photograph the tree and slipped, pressing the shutter in the process of trying to avoid hurting myself and the camera. No harm done, but I was worried I’d wasted one of the 24 exposures. We never think about that with digital.

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  1. No we dont worry about that with Digital that is one of the reasons there are so many crap images out there, you had to be more considerate when shooting film. For example if you shoot motor drive with a 36 exposure you might get 8 seconds before you run out of film, I have one camera that shoots 11 frames a second, 36 exposures is not going to last long? Great image looks like a meteor shower to me, love the tones, thanks for sharing Jenny.

  2. Jenny, I like the abstract nature of this image. Nice almost sepia colours too.

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