Aug 072016
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Thank you one and all for your patience and enabling me to take a sabbatical from aGathering over the last year or so and big thanks to Stephanie for covering most of my slots – you’ve certainly raised the bar for me.

I sort of presumed that I’d have something to present this round as I was on a Scott Fowler workshop a few weeks ago, however when I came to process the images none of them were really up to scratch…. obviously I immediately realised this was entirely Scott’s fault, but on looking back through the notes he provided I saw that point number one was “Take a good image!”. That’s where I was going wrong!! Thanks for your input and inspiration Scott – the workshop was motivating, great fun and certainly the boot in the pants I needed to kick start me back into photography again. I just need to get a bit more practise in now…

So, this image is one I made years ago but didn’t process until recently, I hope that’s acceptable.

It’s always good to have a reason to smile – enjoy

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  10 Responses to “Smiley – Sarah Stirrup”

  1. A big welcome back Sarah. It’s great that your mood is getting back into the right head space. And it is a gold bright shiny smiley – a great emotion to share

  2. Happy to be the problem Sarah, happy smiley face just right I would say. Glad you enjoyed my kick in the pants.

  3. Welcome back Sarah. All of us need to seek out positivity into our lives. Like the two leaves that soften the feeling of the road.

  4. Welcome back! This is a great image to burst back into aGathering, and I hope a good reflection of where you’re at at the moment, or at the very least inspiration. Inspiration for all of us. Thank you 🙂

  5. Hey Sarah! Great to see your work again. So simple, which I love, and it works so well on so many levels. So clever and well seen. Looking forward to the next already – no pressure ok!

  6. Hi Sarah. Seeing your name at the top of a post just made my day!!!

    Huge smile here………

  7. Quite acceptable, smile back at the smile

  8. I love it, and I love what it represents. Welcome back pal.

  9. Definitely ‘acceptable’, Sarah, and somehow appropriate that your first post after your sabbatical should be a smiley one. Welcome back!

    I’d also like to add thanks to Stephanie for helping out and sharing her images here. I hope we’ll get to see her on aGathering’s pages again.

  10. Thanks heaps for all your comments – much appreciated. x

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