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Aug 032016
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Back to Giffords Circus.
Just in case you didn’t guess it, Tweedy’s the circus clown. He doesn’t talk. He sits, and pulls these amazing faces, and follows instructions if asked. I sneaked in a few shots before the lighting was set up – we were under white canvas on a drizzly afternoon.
Being a clown, most of his facial expressions were sad, or confused, which made me feel a little sad for the ‘circus’ we created with all our cameras. However, a couple of times ‘Tweedy’ lost his usual control and burst into spontaneous laughter, which made this photographer much happier!

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  4 Responses to “Tweedy”

  1. You must be thrilled with this Vicki.I was thinking maybe you should be carrying makeup and some props on you travels and then entice some of your other subjects to “clown around” too!!!!

    • Ha ha! But, I don’t think so, John! The whole circus thing was an interesting and fun experience and I am very happy with a few of the images, but I think I’ll just take people as they come.

  2. Vicki, you are on such a great journey. Your portfolio is showing such diversity and I find myself looking forward to the next character you want to introduce to us..

  3. Delightful expression. His eyes are magnificent

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