Light Under the Door

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Aug 022016
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I have arrived home with a folder containing several thousand images from our trip around Europe.

Because we were moving quite quickly from place to place I felt, during the trip, that I didnt really have time to process what I was seeing and make “informed” images. Instead photography was a collection exercise. Anything of interest I grabbed and put it in the file.

But it is going to take some time to make sense of it all and produce something that will represent our great holiday.

I made this image in Ireland and it feels like a representation of where I stand now. There is something bright, shining and spectacular through the door – I just have to go and find it

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  4 Responses to “Light Under the Door”

  1. Ian, love the form and colour.

  2. Follow the light Ian, it looks inviting.

  3. Go Ian – love it.

  4. a great start, Ian.

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