Jul 302016
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Less and less and less.

That’s what feels right more and more and more.

The sun was creeping over the horizon with brilliant fire and contrast, but the opposing view was full of gentleness; quietness. And a subtle colour sliding around the hills. Except it wasn’t so subtle. It never is down there. I still can’t believe the beauty of it, every time.

It allows that special part of me, that bit that gets ripped apart by cities and hustle, deadlines and raucousness, come back together and make me whole.

This is the place in between.

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  3 Responses to “Rock and Pillars, Maniototo – July 2016”

  1. I think you got it right in your last sentence. For me this image is certainly the feeling I often get of me being in the place in between. Those wonderful zen windows that resonate inside you when you catch a glimpse of something like this. Beautiful Jen, just beautiful.

  2. Jen, I can so relate to your feelings in this place at this time. The gentleness, the time to feel. We grew up without electricity so this time of day is when we stopped because we couldn’t see to do much more. Stopping meant we slowed down, felt and transitioned into a different stage of the day. It is a time I used to treasure but is now lost from our everyday lives. You bring it all back with this image. Thank you.

  3. Jen, it is a fantastic time and you have captured it so well.
    Less. More. I always enjoy how you craft your story.
    I am not good at going to remote parts of the country and getting up early for sunrises. But I am fortunate that when I moved to Sumner I can see the sun rise from the sea just by looking out of the window. What that has done is to convert me from an evening person to more of a morning person. Now I understand better what landscape photographers enjoy at that time.

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