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Jul 242016
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On a trip to Mongolia trekking on horseback in the Altai Mountains, bordering on Khasikstan and Russia, I had every intiention of taking no photographs. I wanted to pay attention completely to what my own eyes were seeing, to breathe in the expression of the landscape and interact with the moment. However the experience was overwhelming and I confess to pulling out the mobile phone and collecting impressions that flooded my brain. We built and stayed in a traditional Ger for several days and the central ring that supports the whole roof structure is so highly valued that the individual rings become family heirlooms, passed down from father to son. This image is a rough draft of where my minds eye is taking me.

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  8 Responses to “Inside the Ger”

  1. Pauline, I like it when something practical sparks a creative thought that goes beyond the physical thing to something greater. (You also led me to now know what a Ger is – had to google it to make sure I understood exactly what you were talking about.)

    • I must confess that now my photography is more about working with what is not in front of my lens. Most of the image taking is done without me knowing exactly what it is I’m photographing, I run on a gut feeling that I’ve learnt to develop and recognise when it is present, and then the deeper images that satisfy me appear later. A camera club- attentive- to- detai-l and- composition type of shot feels like I’ve missed a deeper more meaningful moment.

  2. This is exactly why we value the work that each of us plus up on this site. It’s fascinating to see the development in creativity over time, and to be party to the understandings that underpin the work, finished our unfinished.
    This is what AGathering is about. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Plus? *Puts!

  4. No words just jealousy and admiration.

  5. Aww gee – Thanks for that you guys.

  6. Pauline, I just love the way you see and love that you used your phone. Thanks for sharing your amazing vision with us 🙂

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