Cape Gooseberry – Ann Bastion

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Jul 212016
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This image came about after I had been over to the west coast to visit my daughter. I had been traveling along and suddenly hit fog. I was barely able to see the road in front of me. It was like being in another world, a world where everything was gently encased in “ethereal cloaks”. I knew then that I wanted to create a set of images that would engender this same reaction. This image was one of that set.

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  9 Responses to “Cape Gooseberry – Ann Bastion”

  1. Ann, lovely texture and soft tones. It certainly conveys the feeling you had in the fog.

  2. Thanks for sharing Ann. I like the way this image reminds me of the joy and pleasure there is to be had when we concentrate for a moment on the small, simple things and take the opportunity to love all the details and wonder at how beautifully everything fits together. We’re usually so surrounded in external and internal noise that we just don’t see in the beautiful way you have seen here.

    • Thank you Pauline, I am sorry to be so long in responding but my computer has been away being fixed and I have only just got it back.

  3. Delicate and gentle

  4. A work of art, Ann. It’s lovely.

  5. Thank you all for your kind comments

  6. Ann, you know I love your work and this is no exception. Thank you for sharing the origins of your creativity, that, in its self, is inspiring.

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