Pont du Gard

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Im posting this just as we leave to come home. So when you read it I will be jetlagged and cold as I adjust to winter!!!

I suffered from the ABC syndrome again this trip. I start off in wonder at everything more that 100 years old – in other words just about everything I see. But after lots of visits I start to get shocked by the history that is everywhere. It becomes “Another Bloody Church”.

But the Pont du Gard shocked me back into wonder mode. This structure is part of a huge Roman aqueduct system in southern France. It is around 2000 years old and was one of the first uses of arch bridges on this scale. It is simply amazing.

And Kendra is still having fun

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  1. It makes you wonder how on earth they managed to construct it, and how many died in the construction.I remember a trip to Europe many years ago, during the film era and I got the same ABC, it had to be pretty special to shoot it.

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