Dawn – Michelle Levy

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Jul 102016
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My work here (2 year volunteer assignment in Port Vila, Vanuatu) is very demanding and challenging in all sorts of unexpected ways and its leaving me little time and energy for my creative work, which I then am finding very frustrating. The perfectionist part of me then leads me into an all or nothing mindset where I can get very stuck. Whereas what I want to remind myself is that each day I get a chance to start again, and each day I get a chance to set my rules, and to continue on my journey of finding out ways in which I can continue to build my creative practice – without giving up my job here – which is very tempting at times, but that pefectionist side makes me stay and keep trying! So I constantly want to remind myself that each day is full of promise, and I can realise that promise in whatever way is meaningful to me.

Korihi te manu
Takiri mai i te ata
Ka ao, Ka ao., ka awatea
Tihei Mauri Ora!

The bird sings
The morning has dawned
The day has broken
Behold there is life!

Each day. Dawn will always extend her gracious hand. So too do I (re)create in the image of first light. No past or future. Deciding. In the preciseness of the moment. Where colours fall. What stays in shadow. When gazes rise. And how they fall. Each day. Dawns promise she gives. Always.

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  1. Thank you Michelle for giving us one of your images to share. Your accompanying words are pertinent and remind us of our art practice and how we see ourselves in it. Very beautiful

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