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We spent a quarter of our four week Sicilian holiday in the fishing port of Trapani. Our Airbnb apartment was in one of the grottier streets of the old part of the town, but at least it was quiet while still being close to the usual activities of a fishing (and tourist) village.
I like this image because it seems to prove a lie of our own making. We see Sicily as being less colourful than our favourite Italian towns and villages of the Riviera and central Italy – more grey, more dirty. Then I look at this image and realise it had more colour than we give it credit for.

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  6 Responses to “Trapani”

  1. Great image, Vicki. It doesn’t glamourize nor demean. Nice colours,tones and texture too.

  2. I see these colours as being a subtle and gentle palette

  3. For me many things influence the feeling I am left with after a visit.

    Most of them have little to do with the place itself. In Spain a particularly obnoxious security person left a sour taste and Marseille is full of Euro football fans for,example.

    So if this still feels muted compared to your impression of the rest of Italy perhaps,it isnt the actual,colours…

    I like the feel of the image – to me it is weathered but still warm enough to be welcoming.

    • Sicily and its people are certainly warm and welcoming, and colourful.
      A lack of restful sleep certainly affected our impression. Hard-as-boards beds take a bit of getting used to and excessive street or building noise come as a bit of a shock when you live in a peaceful countryside setting, as you would know – we could only laugh when contractors started chipping off tiles in the apartment above us at 7:30am, though we didn’t laugh so much the second and third mornings.
      The other aspect was probably the influence of the mafia – we didn’t get to see guys in pin-stripe suits wandering around with machine guns, but we did see the results of building standards being ignored, rubbish piling up where it should have been collected, and apartment blocks going up where they were not permitted. Apparently the mafia takes 20 billion Euros out of the Sicilian economy each year.

      • I’m surprised that you didn’t make a harsh grainy B+W !!!

        Your post reminded me of a suggestion I heard at a workshop. Ask yourself “what colour is this place?” Before you start photographing. I started thinking about that wandering around while I’m away

        • I can’t imagine how I could pin Sicily, or its towns, down to one colour. It’s a rainbow – a tarnished rainbow, perhaps.

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