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Jun 302016
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I have done a total copy of Vicki here. After all it is the people that make travel what it is.

Henrique drove us on a Tuk Tuk tour of Lisbon. And it was no ordinary Tuk Tuk – this was the latest electric model with fancy seats and fans. It was also no ordinary tour – Henrique is no expat making a little cash to fund his trip by taking English speaking tours, instead he is a passionate local, fiercely proud of his city and very knowledgeable about its history.

But he is equally passionate about his family ans was happy to talk all about them. He was a successful restaurateur but gave up the late nights to become a stay at home father and has only recently started driving the tours.

He was happy for me to make a few images of him but had even more fun when I gave him my camera to make some of us – he went to town, “look forward, look back, high, low, in the van, out of the van……..”

The tour was one of the highlights of our trip.

and…… Thankyou Vicki for demonstrating that portraits are a wonderful form of travel photographs

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  1. Thank YOU, Ian. Fabulous image and story to match. But what a neat idea to hand your camera to him!!

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