Jun 132016
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In days gone by as autumn began to work it’s magic I always looked forward to winter in trepidation of the mud, the difficulties getting the washing dry and the extra food my family seemed to consume which kept me in the kitchen longer than I would like. I now see autumn as the fore warning of a pot of warming soup on the stove, frosty winter days, clear skies – hopefully and beautiful foggy morning light.

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  2 Responses to “Autumn Leaves – Stephanie Forrester”

  1. Stunning colour and backlight, Stephanie.

  2. It’s interesting how we respond to the seasons and like you Stephanie my response has changed with the years. I used to be so annoyed when autumn came along – it was a reminder that I was yet unfinished with the long summer days and the opportunity to be outside making and doing. Now I love the reminder that autumn brings – to reflect on the season just finished and be thankful for all the things I had the chance to do. And with the pleasure of the beautiful blue autumn skies that I have always loved coming home to after travelling overseas and the wonderful golds, yellows and reds of the leaves sharing their swan song, I now begin to look forward to the evenings beside the fire or tucked up in my little office, reading and researching and experimenting with ideas and images.

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