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Jun 092016
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We visited a French chateau to view its gardens and a few of the interior rooms were open. I took the exit stairs cautiously because they were smooth and slanted from wear, but at the bottom I turned to admire them and noticed the light from the window, the colours, the textures, and the irregular patterns of the steps – patterns caused by so many feet. A thought-provoking moment.

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  1. I love this Vicki – when I look at it I can see in the light, smoky area above the steps the ghosts of all those people who have passed up and down them. Just my imagination of course but this is the joy of creating images for people to view and travel into.

  2. A fantastic image, Vicki. My third posting on Agathering was of some stairs and I called it a signature image. But with your image it is not just the subject matter. It is how you have captured it and presented it.
    You have just the right angle to show the wear and tear on the steps but the exposure is dark enough to hide most minor detail of the steps.The pattern on the wall is nicely subtle so it does not detract from the steps. Then you have the strong oblique line. Finally the stunning colour.
    Re-reading what i have written sounds like an analysis. Sorry, the image instantly jumped out of the screen when I saw it but I like to, in retrospect, try and understand why.Now you know.

    • I’ve re-visited your earlier image, John, and was thinking about the similarities and differences. I saw mine as looking back into the past, but not my past …. however, on thinking about my response to your ‘analysis’ (absolutely appreciated, by the way!), I smiled because I’d just come down those steps and had done so cautiously …. sounds a bit like my photography of late! I hope that’s just a coincidence, but I can already hear the echoes of people thinking “yeah, right” as they read that!
      From the technical aspect, I was lucky there were few people around that day and I had the stairwell to myself for a few minutes so was able to do a meerkat impersonation to get the image I wanted. I was also lucky that someone with great colour-sense chose to use those beautiful colours!

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