Jun 052016
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A wee digression. Normally I try and post my most recent work, and I guess if we are nitpicking, this is it, although the image was made last year.

It’s taken me some time to see, and get all the pieces together, and another project has surfaced as a result. I’m quite excited. It also fits back into my hope that while I was in Christchurch I could make pictures that were related to how I saw this place as an outsider, without focussing on the shaky ground. Projects appear to be ongoing, sometimes they stall -for ages it seems – then suddenly a whole lot more pieces drop into place, and the context fills out.

I’ve long loved the very formal approach of Laurence Aberhart and his catalogue of our history, in the form of buildings that are a significant but easily overlooked part of our communities. There is a wealth of social history and comment in his work.

With his inspiration behind me I’ve discovered what I wanted to about these wee buildings that have kept popping into my view as I travelled around Christchurch, and other places in the region.

Now all I need is enough time left here to complete!

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  1. You might have to get knitting then. Seems like all your sheep are mustered, shorn and the fleece is waiting. Knit one purl one …….

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