Keep Off The Grass

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May 302016
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This image draws on the inspiration from a book written by Sydney George Hopkins entitled ” Mister God this is Anna “. If you haven’t read it you should. It tells the story about a young girl Anna and the wonderful relationship she has with her “Mister God”. She shares her understanding of Mister God with her good friend, Fynn. This is what she has to say about “Keep Off The Grass”.
“Them words are like being at church. The church service is nothing less than a notice saying “Keep off the grass”. You can’t get at the best bits. To be inside a church, not a church service, but simply to be inside, is like visiting a very very special friend and visiting a very special friend is a happy occassion and that is enough reason to want to dance.”

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  5 Responses to “Keep Off The Grass”

  1. I completely agree with the sentiment. There is a joyfulness felt in churches that is completely hidden in the religious ceremony.
    And you have nailed it with this image.
    Love it……

  2. I’m currently working on an exhibition themed on this book. In my head it’s wonderful but in reality it is harder to execute. I’ll be interested to see if I can pull it off.

    • Magic! My favourite book <3 This picture is such a lovely tribute. I think the exhibition will be wonderful. Very clever.

  3. I feel certain you’ll be able to 🙂

  4. I like the idea in the book and I like your representation of it. I also love the style – it reminds me of screen printing. I have and love two of Michael Smither’s prints I bought in the 1970’s.

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