May 272016
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Our next two guest photographers are identical twins Barry and Tony Chesterman. Both work their day jobs and both have a talent with their cameras. Barry is up first and shared this about his image:

“I like this photo because of the long exposure where the smooth water and movement of the clouds gives a feel of time passing. The bright lights give the impression of a busy city but this is balanced with the tranquility of lights reflecting off the water”.

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  2 Responses to “Auckland Viaduct – Barry Chesterman”

  1. Barry, I love the many shades of blue in this image – ranging from the blue lights through to the deep blue in the sky. Then the red reflection stands out.

  2. Its about the sky for me as well. The low angle lets the yacht masts balance the sky tower and they all reach up connecting the city with the world above. The keystone effect of the wide angle also adds to this feeling.

    Its great city image

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