“Homage” May 2016

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May 262016
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Today is a special day: our 27th wedding anniversary and it would also have been my father’s 82nd birthday. These two remarkable people have been amongst the most influential in my life. The gifts they have offered have helped me to become me. This image is my simple, quiet homage to these amazingly gentle and beautiful people. Thank you.

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  1. So you have great memories of this day and sad memories too. BUT today it is congratulations and I hope you are celebrating doing something you and Fiona both enjoy. It is a beautiful gentle calm image which I think suits both occasions

  2. thank you! your dad was a pretty special person and I have many wonderful memories of him and his fun and laughter… and we’ve been very lucky to have 27 great years together – finding you at the tip of Africa was the best thing I ever did xxxx

  3. And so a photograph that says beauty, strength to stand tall even through flowing water,yet can be delicate fragile is very symbolic.
    Happy Happy! 🙂

  4. We are a product of the people that influence us. I never had the honour to meet your Dad but I’m sure that he was an awesome individual.
    Congratulations on your 27 anniversary, a milestone for two of the nicest people I’ve ever met. May you have many many more.

  5. Beautiful tribute Bruce. So love the serenity of this with the reminder that there are two ways to see everything around us.

  6. What a beautiful tribute Bruce, to two such special people. I simply have to add my memories of your dad. The first is of him and my dad teaching me to swim in Mbabane; then years later he was brave enough to get in a car with me and give me a driving lesson. He always was a very calm man! And finally, he told me one day “Bruce rang me. He’s fallen in love!” When I asked for details he said “Oh, he hasn’t met her yet but he loves her voice.” Special memories, Bruce! xxxx

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