At Lake Alexandrina

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May 172016
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It was the middle of the day and we stopped for lunch beside the fishing cottages at the end of the lake.

I have seen so many wonderful images of this place. Most made in the early morning or when the whole landscape is blanketed in snow.

But we were there when we were there!! The magic of the place that I saw that day was the vast sky that always sits above the MacKenzie Basin and the amazing reflections in the still lake.

The hard part of making this image was getting Ailsa to stand there long enough!!

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  6 Responses to “At Lake Alexandrina”

  1. This is a beautiful addition to your figures in the landscape collection. If there is one. Hope so! Have you seen Victoria Ginn’s book? Her’s has a different concept, but some fascinating work.

  2. Getting Ailsa to stand still may have been the hardest part, but she did so just right! 🙂

  3. I know it did not start this way but it and a previous image with Tim remind me of Cole Thompson series. But this time with the “Ian” style.
    Keen to see more.

    • i had forgotten about Coles series until I took another look after you mentioned it – and yes I see similar ideas. Then I laughed at the concept of looking at his work in relation to mine given his “visual celibacy” line of thinking

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