The last of the summer fruits …

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May 152016
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As our most beautiful summer passes I look back on the season of abundance as we hunker down for the wet, cold and the wind. A time for introspection and appreciation. In older times, the winter was a time of frugality, a time where we carefully managed the fruits of the summer until it provided once again. How we have lost the art of living within the cycle of nature. We will see ….

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  1. It’s nice to go back to that appreciation of each season and what it brings to our lives. For a couple of years now I have tried to eat only seasonal fruits and vegetables, rather than relying on those with the heavy weight of green miles upon them. Back has come the eager anticipation of the new season and it’s bounty, and the delight of gathering and preserving the same. And taking the time to celebrate the changes through the year.

    Winter has much to offer for us to enjoy, and even getting wet and cold allows us to enjoy the other extreme, whether it’s just getting dry and warm soon, or enjoying the heat of summer later in the year. It’s the distance between the extremes that heightens the experience. Too much of our life has been “evened out”, and we expect not to experience highs and lows. I think that even should over onto our mental health.

    A lively post, and reminder, Bruce.

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