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I am trying to get more abstract with my photography. Using a macro lens and wandering around Christchurch CBD I zeroed in on some heavily weathered posters on a plywood fence.
After seeing Jenny’s creative presentation of her work I had an idea for this series – tho it is much more low level. I may have a go at printing them large poster size on thin poster paper and taping them to my study wall a la teenage bedroom style. My mind likes the idea of presenting a tiny aspect of a big poster as a big poster.

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  3 Responses to “Poster”

  1. There some lovely texture in this photo. I think it will print lovely.

  2. Well John, I think you are certainly achieving abstract and in your minimalist monochromatic style even though this is colour. I like your project idea here. You seem to see things where most people would say there is nothing here to photograph!

  3. I struggled to resist reaching out to touch my monitor to feel the texture….

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