May 112016
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During our 6000 km vehicle journey through the mountains and deserts in Africa, Ann and I were back seat passengers. The longer we drove the more relaxed and creative we became. To help time pass, we created abstracts using various in camera methods, for me it was mainly ICM. We recently presented some of our images in a combined audiovisual to a local Christchurch photographic society. I have made an audiovisual of a few of my images and this one image represents the opening sequence. The full av is here:

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  7 Responses to “Impressions in a Mountain Desert – Barbara Burry”

  1. Yessss !!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful Barbara. Inspiring. Thank you for sharing that slideshow.

  3. Thank you Ann for your suggestion that we create an av with our “back seat blurry sh one t”! Thank you Ferg for suggesting I link my av on aGathering. And thank you Vicki for putting all the elements together and putting up my post. You have all set me on another creative journey and caused all sorts of ideas to buzz in my brain 🙂

  4. And thank you Jenny and Pauline for your appreciation of my creative attempt

  5. Well Barbara!! I love the feel of this work of yours and it really makes me happy to know it was done on our trip!! For me, this is what those trips are all about, and what brings me great satisfaction. Well done 🙂

    • Well Bruce, I think it was a very happy trip and I enjoyed being part of the group. I think we have all got some wonderful creations out of the journey and all so different too.

  6. Beautiful Barbara, thank you for sharing this special impression of your trip.

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