Cherry Blossom

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May 062016
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One of the best things about zipping around the world a bit, as I do, is the regularly changing seasons.

In the middle of winter at home a few days in the sun is very refreshing. The contrast seems to exaggerate the positives of both extremes. A visit to sweltering hot Asia makes a cosy fire at home feel even more welcoming.

And seeing these beautiful new blossoms in Japan makes the autumn leaves at home feel even more golden

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  5 Responses to “Cherry Blossom”

  1. It’s a tough life for some.

  2. Springtime in Japan is magical. They have festivals there during spring and celebrate the blossom. One gets the emotional response in both your words and the image. Lovely and gentle. And I think you ARE appreciating your stays and absorbing that environment.

  3. Very lovely photograph 🙂

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