Siobhan – Oswald Mungwazi

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May 052016
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Sometimes i feel like i get caught up in taking photographs for other people and end up forgetting why i love taking photos.

Lately i have been pushing myself to try things i have been wanting to shoot for a very long time and also get to try out different lighting setups both in studio and on location.

This image was a result of a beauty shoot i did recently. For those who like the info and setup. I used a clamshell setup with Visico VC300 strobe up high and a silver reflector down below. Behind the model for the separation, used YN560iii flashed bare, and both at 45 degrees to the subject and at head height. This setup is slowly becoming one of my favourite studio setup.

Camera : SLT-A77V, Lens (mm): 85 2.8 @ F9, ISO: 100, Shutter: 1/125, Edited in LR and Photoshop Lightroom

I wanted a feeling of an implied nude shot so i had the subject wear a sleeveless and strapless top and used her arms to cover the visible parts of the top.

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  1. I quite enjoy the lighting on your photograph. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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