May 042016
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This is the third in my series on Border Downs. We had the pleasure of visiting our daughter who lives with her partner on this remote farm in southern Victoria, bordering South Australia. We have now visited “Border Downs” several times and I am starting to find it quite a special place. This time I decided to try and tell a story with my photographs. Here our daughter is meeting Spencer for the first time. Spencer has been acquired to catch foxes. Here Anna is lost in the moment as Spencer jumps up to greet her for the first time. This is a special moment for a parent to observe, a window into the kind of woman our daughter has grown up to be. I am overwhelmed ,,,,, However, this was a watershed day in her life. A few weeks later, after the dust had settled, I built up the courage to show her the photo and her response was “Dad, I looked happy”. Looking back across the line offers quite a different perspective. We never know what is around the corner or how we will be called upon. Both living in the moment and knowing how to “be called upon” are quite different things. I have always felt an adequate parent in the good times, but I have learned that the hard times are the ones that define ones adequacy, or not.

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  4 Responses to “Making acquaintance, Border Downs, Victoria, Australia, April 2016”

  1. This is beautiful, and Anna does look happy! I’m sorry that there has been bad bits in between, but the strength of a family shows in working our way through. Parenting is hard and I think we always feel inadequate, particularly when our children are hurt. Yet others watching from the outside are usually in awe of or strength and skill, where we think we have none. We never stop being parents, no matter how old our children are, I’m only just figuring that out now.

    • Many thanks Jenny 🙂

    • IMHO the fact that a parent feels inadequate sums up totally how good a job they are doing. I hold you two up as examples of just how good people are. You two just keep being awesome!
      Bruce, this is such a lovely image. As a dog (in the most loose of terms, poor silly Baxter) owner I can see the love and connection Anna has with this character but not just that I feel a warmth and happiness in her that only comes from the soul.

  2. It struck me, looking at this image and reading the story, that parents can learn a lot from dogs….

    No matter what the situation a dogs reaction is always the same. They greet you with a smile, a hug and lots of love.

    If we can aim for the same thing as parents its a pretty good starting point.
    I think that the key to parenting awesomness is: “Be There……Always”

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